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Common themes, methods, opportunities for cross ­benefits and growth emerged from the early discussions, talks and round­tables. In no particular order we have identified seven themes with opportunity for cross­ benefits and growth based on the participants’ interests.

1. Intellectual Diversity Truly collaborative/interdisciplinary endeavors ­ having artists, scientists, engi­neers, stakeholders all invested from day one.

2. Risk perception/Dangerous Simulation and Training/Reduce Cognitive load or workload

3. Climate Change, Conservation, Protection and Sustainability.

4. Emotional Impact, connecting people to the salient issues through data presentation.

5. Useful Interpretation and presentation of Public Data Sets and Open source Data

6. Invisible/Hard­ to­ see data. How do we best present it, and why we need to present it.

7. The notion of a display as a channel for communication. This does not have to be (only) visible. Other senses can be engaged. Focus on human ­centered design, and balancing cognitive load