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4D Printing Workshop for Children ages 10-14

Do your kids enjoy making arts and crafts and would like to learn about innovative technology for their arts?
The HCIED lab led by Dr. Jeeeun Kim from the Department of Computer Science is conducting a 4D printing workshop for middle school students. Kids will get to learn about 3D and 4D printing through a hands-on activity of designing and creating their own artifact. The data from this workshop will be collected and used for a study on determining the potential of 4D printing activities in a learning environment. All materials will be provided by the research team. 
– Middle school students (ages 10 – 14) who enjoy creating arts/crafts utilizing innovative technology
– No prior knowledge is needed! 
– Your child will attend 2 sessions over 1 day.
– Each session is no longer than 3 hours.
– Your child will be introduced to 4D printing processes
– Your child will design and create an artifact using 4D printing techniques and we will guide your child through the process.
– Your child will take creations home.
– Your child will be asked to fill out pre-, post-study questionnaires.


4D printing consists of 3D printing with an added dimension of time which means that whatever is 3D printed can be made to change its shape to a new shape. This shape change happens when an object is 3D printed in special material called ‘shape memory polymer’ and is provided a trigger (heat trigger in our case) to activate the shape change behavior. 
This is an in-person workshop.

Participants will participate in the following sessions:

Session 1: 14th Nov 2021 (9 am – 12 pm) 

In the first session, the researchers will first provide participants with questionnaires to assess their level of experience in 3D modeling and printing. The researchers will then explain what 4D printing is through presentations and demonstrations. The researchers will show different examples of applications created using 4D printing. They will go through the heat triggers and show how they work in changing the shape of the printed material. 
– The participants will then be given a design prompt and asked to come up with artifact ideas that fit the prompt. The researchers will help the participants in understanding the feasibility of their ideas, and help them visualize their ideas through paper prototyping as needed. Participants will be encouraged to sketch their ideas as well. Researchers will show and help the participants model their final ideas or will model them themselves based on the time left in the session.
– After the first session, researchers will 3D print the designs created by the participants and have them ready for the next session.

1 hour break

Session 2: 14th Nov 2021 (1pm – 4pm) 

Participants will be given their 3D printed parts to assemble and apply heat triggers to. Researchers will closely monitor and guide the use of hot water, as well as the use of the doodle pen as heat triggers to ensure the safety of the participants.

Participants will have time to assemble the final artifacts. 

A show-and-tell session will follow the assembly activity where participants will be encouraged to talk about their artifacts and ask questions to each other.

The researchers will then conduct an informal group discussion with the participants asking them questions about the workshop, what they learned, what they found difficult to do, what their takeaways would be, etc.

The participants will be given a post-study questionnaire to understand the impact of the workshop on their level of experience. 

Workshops will be held at the HCIED Lab, Engineering Activities Building C, Suite 107, 588 Lamar Street, College Station, TX 77843.

If you are interested in having your child sign up for the workshop, please fill out this google form ( If you have any further questions, please contact Himani Deshpande (

IRB Number:  IRB2021-0675D
IRB Approval: 07/07/21
IRB Expiration: 06/20/22